(1878 – 1973)

    MOTHER, Sri Aurobindo's companion, was born in Paris in 1878 in a very materialistic family. As a child, she had spontaneous experiences into the past and the future. A painter and a musician acquainted with famous French artists of the time, she had an intensive occult training in Algeria. In 1914, she visited Pondicherry, met Sri Aurobindo who had sought refuge there, and recognized in him the character in her childhood's visions. She returned permanently in 1920 via Japan and China, and soon took charge of the ashram growing around Sri Aurobindo. Eight years after his departure in 1950, she withdrew to her room to grapple with the Problem — the change in the cells' consciousness. Till 1973, she slowly uncovered the Great Passage to the next species and a new mode of life in matter, and narrated her extraordinary exploration to Satprem. This is the Agenda.

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